Lancer (Circle 1) The Lancer, which first appears at Rank 8, is a cavalry class that has powerful anti-personnel skills. Hit them very hard! Get Retreat Shot first and Concentrate Fire right after to start dealing some damage.   Attaque au Fer is a new skill that disarms PvP opponents, throwing their weapon to the ground. Reward Reward #1  Settlement Support Potion x 1 Reward #2 EXP Tome x 1 Reward #3 Settlement Support Potion x 1 EXP Tome x 1 Special Reward Reward #4 Settlement Support Potion x 2 Reward #5 EXP Tome x 2 Reward #6 Settlement Support Potion. You can use the other points has you please, if you want don't even bother waste 2 points on Critic Shot the Scaling isn't that great anyway, and CriticRate is permanently 60 which is plenty alredy. I have obtain one of this and try it already. Schwarz Reiter: Ok we are finally here after 176levels, congratz.

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    Even less, mount it, just quit. So I find the solution 50/50 or STR 2:1 DEX very viable. Lima is going to shine on the next Class Rank and you wanna have it maxed. (Watch out, after lv260, the mobs gonna start packing a punch, so better get new gear, or invest some X on it) And you definitely going to need a pair of Sissel Bracelets for it to be consistent, if you can't reach 420 critic Rate. Limacon can be used has a path cleaner or has a filler for mana saving or while waiting for cooldowns. The Murmillo is the most offense-oriented of all the classes that use shields. Written interviews will be held with the guild masters of the 1st ranking guilds for each region should the guild agree to.

    geting Limacon to MAX over Retreat Shot. Schwarz Reiter C3: Ok If you stil have the 5points from previous rank, dump them on the Marching Fire asap to MAX.   Templar (Circle 2) Circle 2 Templars will be the class of choice for guild masters who wish to operate a battle-oriented guild. After our introduction of the new Wizard classes last week, Today were bringing you a preview of what you can expect from Rank 8 Swordsman types. Ranger 3: Welcome to the AoE Festival! (Unless you decide to get Lv6.  You will be able to receive a new quest after EDT 06:00.m.

    We are pleased to announce that our first event, the erotik chat kostenlos sexkino leipzig Scavenge Challenge, will soon be upon us! Obtain contents from the treasure box if you cybersex chat schwarzer reiter shop can find. Important -Please note that you will not be allowed to abuse bugs, you may be disqualified as a result. Cons - Crit Rate will be a pain to get, Green Gems gonna be needed, sissel bracelets too. Stats, you probably wanna focus more on STR rather then DEX but you will still need both. A: Because you are a DPS and Im sure you don't wanna have the boss dead before you even get to start shooting. Use to get out of a tight spot, or even chase an enemy who's running. We are lacking buffs in this Build and we do need this one. (This ability will also be added to the Circle 2 Cannoneer) Murmillo (Circle 1) The Murmillo is a Gladiator class that has a good balance between offense and defense. Intro, final test Test in Progress. And benefits from a very fast cast time, and you can even walk with it for swag. Or you go 50/50 and you might have to focus rather on Green Gems to hit somewhere between 400 Critic Rate(trust me this is aloot, when you use skills with so many hits if you get 3-4 critics out of every 10 hits or something. All guilds -The "Build Guild Tower" item will be given to all participating guild masters every week. (At some high level dungeons ppl won't fight the mobs near walls, and you will be losing a lots of Damage potential) If you have money, try get Caracole C3 Attribute for the lulz, since this skill damage is of charts now, can be easly.

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    Nuaele Card Card Equip Effect Magical Defense -Provide you a higher survivability against magic attacks once you stack this up for at least 4-5 cards. High Anchoring and Time bomb, I leave it at your description you can sacrifice one or the other. The Crush skill that temporarily decreases the effectiveness of the opponents equipment also has an ability that allows you to push aside summoned enemies so it is extremely useful for charging through enemy defenses in Guild battles. Can be used for escaping or reposition yourself in certain situation in both PvE and PvP. Read more 'The First Fan Art Fest' begins! Weekly Question and Answer July 22th, 2016. Schwarz Reiter 2: Immediately get 1 point at least in Wild Shot to have it available. Important - Any Items obtained as rewards are not tradable. (Until you get Limacon eventualy) Bounce Shot, is good to lure 2 different packs of mons, it does make life easier.